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What forms of payment are accepted? 2018-03-11T14:39:38+00:00

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex) and PayPal

Do you ship internationally? 2018-03-11T14:37:43+00:00

Yes,we proudly offer international shipping through our preferred shipping carrier DHL.

How do i wear Sandy Bella hair extensions? 2018-03-11T14:35:37+00:00

Sandy Bella Hair extensions are completely do-it-yourself and can be applied in a matter of minutes. You simply clip the individual hair pieces or wefts (as they’re often referred to) into your hair–one by one and then release your own hair over it to cover. See our step-by-step “How to Apply” instructional page.

I’m having trouble logging into my account, what shall I do? 2018-03-11T14:20:16+00:00

If you can’t log into your account, please check all of your details are correct. If you still can’t log in, then please try and use the password reset feature. If this doesn’t work, please contact

Do I have to pay to return an item? 2018-03-11T14:19:22+00:00

Unfortunately, we do not have a free returns system. Please ensure that all returns are sent recorded delivery and keep your proof of postage receipt.

Can human hair be coloured? 2018-03-11T14:18:17+00:00

Yes, the human hair can be coloured. However, it is important that we state at this point, that once the hair has been coloured or treated by you or your hairdresser, we do not offer any warranty or guarantee over the hair or its quality.

Can I heat my hair extensions? 2018-03-11T14:17:30+00:00

Yes, all Sandy Bella Hair extensions can have heat applied. The human hair extensions can be heated up to 230 Degrees. Although it is safe to heat the hair to these high temperatures, we would always recommend a heat protection spray is applied first to help protect the quality of the hair.

Which fitting method is the best? 2018-03-11T14:15:39+00:00

There is no right and wrong answer to this question; it depends on the look you want to achieve and how permanent you want this look to be. For a quick, effective solution clip ins are great, but for a longer lasting look bonded applications or wefts are a popular option.

How do I match my hair colour? 2018-03-11T14:14:54+00:00

– Email us a picture to

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