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Sandy Bella Hair provides high quality thick 100% remy human hair. We offer professional human hair for people with short or thin hair who want long and voluminous hair that looks natural.

Sandy Bella Hair can last up to more than 12 months (depending on wear, care & styling).
Just attach it to your own hair in sections and style with your natural hair for that effortless voluminous look.
No shedding, No tangling.
It can be dyed, straightened, curled, washed & combed as your own natural hair.
Sandy Bella Hair is the easiest way to enjoy beautiful hair.
Our hair is the safest way to add length and thickness to your own hair in minutes.
Treat it as diamond because this is the real diamond
We’ve listened to extensive feedback to develop our brand. Now, we offer hair extensions and hair pieces to suit every occasion. We provide a wide range of the best-selling colors and lengths.
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